What Causes Concrete Cancer and How to Prevent It

Concrete cancer is a serious issue that can cause extensive and costly property damage. It occurs when steel reinforcement within a concrete slab begins to rust, causing it to expand and displace the surrounding concrete, making it brittle and prone to cracking. To prevent concrete cancer, it is essential to waterproof the concrete and consider high-quality waterproofing options such as Wolfin or Cosmofin membranes. This will minimize the risk of future water damage and prevent harsh chemicals from entering through the pores.

Given the process cycle (exposure, corrosion, more degradation allowing for greater exposure), the condition always worsens. Concrete cancer won't fix itself and has the potential to cause extensive and costly property damage. Signs of concrete cancer include concrete chips, rust spots that seem to leak from inside the concrete, bubbles from concrete plaster, or leaks that appear in raised concrete. Flat concrete roofs are an example of a building structure that is particularly vulnerable to leaks and water-driven concrete cancer if they are not properly waterproofed.

Concrete is a porous material and can easily absorb the elements that surround it, including this corrosive acid. If you are buying property, concrete cancer can seriously undermine the value of your investment and put your family's lives at risk. Today, builders or building specifiers (such as engineers or architects) sometimes take additional steps to further reduce the risk of specific cancer in the future. This includes designing concrete appropriately for the surrounding environment and their respective exposure conditions. Too much or too little water, or working too much on the concrete when it is laid can also contribute to the problem. It is important to be alert at the concrete stage in order to prevent chipping.

Pieces of concrete could begin to fall out of the structure, damage property and even endanger human life. Once you have repaired any particular cancer, take preventive steps to prevent it from happening again.

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